About Exaact

  • Founded by a strong executive leadership team with knowledge and experience in technology, banking, healthcare and logistics domains.
  • Strong expertise in security and cloud computing specialization.
  • Experience in building web, mobile and enterprise software.
  • Experienced professionals who have been developing cutting-edge technology solutions for the last 20 years.

Our Services


    Exaact Product Engineering and Consulting Services

  • Design, Build, Test and Maintain Security Management solutions in Authentication, Authorization, Audit and Access control
  • Create IAM Strategy and roadmaps
  • Create Strategy for Identity Unification, Directory consolidation and build solutions
  • Exaact Integration Services

  • Evaluate IAM products and build solutions as per need
  • Integrate Strong Authentication products and solutions with IAM products like SSO, WAM, IM
  • Integrate IM with Business Process workflows
  • Management products with other products for SSPR, Password Synchronization, SSPR, Web SSO, Federated Authentication
  • Exaact Customization and Deployment Services

  • Customize and deploy Security Management solutions in the areas of SSO, ILM, SIEM, Audit and Compliance, Vulnerability Assessment and remediation, Privileged Account management and Strong Authentication
  • Generate custom reports from various Security Management products

Product Engineering

    Maximize the value of current and new technology
    Exaact Services - New Technology Consulting, Architecture, Product Design & Development

  • Conceptualize
  • Develop Roadmap
  • Build
  • Test
  • Deploy
    • Rich UI
    • Flex 4, Flash, Action Scripting, MXML, Silverlight, HTML5
    • Javascript Libraries
    • Jquery, ExtJS (Sencha), JavascriptMVC, BackBase, YUI, CanJS
    • Mobility Solutions
    • iOS, Andriod, Blackberry and windows
    • Java Middleware
    • Spring, Enterprise Java (Tomcat, JBOSS, Oracle, IBM) , Struts
    • Microsoft (C# & VB.NET)
    • WCF, WPF, Enterprise Library, WWF, Reporting Services, TFS, Sharepoint
    • LAMP
    • PHP, Zend, Ruby on Rails, Drupal
    • Structured Data
    • Oracle RAC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and MSSQL
    • Unstructured Data
    • BIGDATA – Hadoop, MongoDB; Lucene, Memcached

UX/UI Designing

    At Exaact, we strive to make wonderful, utilitarian B2B applications while enhancing their ease of use. We are a UX design organization which trust that everything which influences an end client is a piece of the structure procedure.
    We burrow profound to discover arrangements that work for our customers' particular circumstances, furthermore, we do that by making UIs that are spotless, instinctive, expandable, and inviting.

Mobile Applications Development

  • Mobile payments (peer-to-peer) application for Android enabling consumers to transfer funds from their bank accounts in real-time. Based on IMPS (Interbank Mobile Payment Solution) platform of NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). Live on Google Play market.
  • In-patient monitoring application on iPad for a U.S. based hospital chain.
  • iOS app for the travel domain to help with planning and guidance (in development).

Cloud Computing

    Make cloud part of the overall IT service delivery strategy

Data Analysis

    Exaact Analytics is one of the world's biggest and quickest developing advanced examination firms. We enable organizations to drive computerized change by helping them consolidate advanced and customary information to pick up an upper hand.
    Exaact gives a 360-degree perspective of the advanced customer, empowering organizations to anticipate new income streams, foresee item patterns and fame, enhance client standards for dependability and enhance speculation choices.

Machine Learning

    Exaact utilizes AI and machine figuring out how to offer cybersecurity frameworks , which imitates the human safe framework by realizing what is 'ordinary' for all gadgets and clients, refreshing its understanding as the earth changes, and afterward searches for variations from the norm that could demonstrate security issues.
    Due to this it doesn't require the infection marks database conventional antivirus programming utilizes and needs to continually refresh as new dangers are found.

Performance Engineering

    Ensuring Responsiveness, Scalability, Reliability & High Availability

    Performance engineering is a structured approach and is to isolate and validate whether the established application or product is meeting its non-functional requirements like response time with expected number of concurrent users, hits / second, transactions per second (TPS), resource utilisation is in acceptable limits, scalability, availability, etc.

    If there are any transactions response time is not acceptable as per the defined NFRs – then performance engineering approach will be adopted to identify the bottleneck, its root cause for the bottleneck and provide solution for the bottleneck without having an impact on transaction / applications functionality (performance team will have multiple rounds of discussion with development team to make sure functionality should not break due to the solution of performance issue resolution).


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