DocumenT ManagemenT SysTem - DoX

DoX is a one stop document management solution on cloud to meet all the logistics management company's document management needs.

DoX provides an easy-to-use, browser-based access point for your information. Whether you control the flow of goods for a large company or work in transportation and warehousing, this enterprise content management software can be configured to fit your office.

DoX can automatically categorize the documents based on the content through an intelligent OCR.

Below and more documents could be managed using doX :

  • List of project requirements and/or purchase requests.
  • Time schedules indicating required dates.
  • Specifications.
  • Cost estimates.
  • Tender documents where bids are invited.
  • Supplier and transporter quotations and comparison statements.
  • Reports on quality and performance evaluations.
  • Correspondence with suppliers and transporters.
  • Purchase order copies.
  • Inspection and compliance reports.
  • Invoices received from suppliers and transporters.
  • Payment documents.
  • Inventory records relating to receipts, issues and balances.
  • Item movement records (internal transport to final consumption).
  • Accounts payables.