Your Legacy System migration process could benefit in:
  • Capable of maintaining modern System driven from the Legacy System
  • Reduce Risk of lost productivity and data due to System Disruptions and Effective Utilization of Data
  • Minimise the Security Breach
  • Analyze the existing legacy system
  • Design and Develop new system incrementally without disturbing the legacy system
  • Validate and Verify the new system with the old-one per increment
  • Maintenance and Support for the new system once the New one is deployed

  • Simplify environments to accommodate Workload.
  • Gathering requirements and Reducing Business disruptions.
  • Map all the elements of the existing Legacy to the Designed Target Platform
  • Map the Legacy Components like Application elements, Security, System Utilities to the designed Target Platform
  • Migrate database to the designed Target Platform

Shared Hosting
  • Reducing Software and Hardware Costs.
  • Application Virtualization, Server and Desktop Virtualization
  • Maintain the Web-Server without any diruptions
  • Maintain the Shared System resources(CPU) without any disruptions
  • User friendly as the Customer can easily access his info through web browser