IT Security Consulting Services
Product Engineering and consulting services

  • Design, Build, Test and Maintain Security Management solutions in Authentication, Authorisation, Audit and Access control
  • Create IAM Strategy and road maps
  • Create Strategy for Identity Unification, Directory consolidation and build solutions

Integration Services

  • Evaluate IAM products and build solutions as per need
  • Integrate Strong Authentication products and solutions with IAM products like SSO, WAM, IM
  • Integrate IM with BP workflows
  • Management products with other products for SSPR, Password Synchronization, SSPR, Web SSO, Federated Authentication

Customization and Deployment Services

  • Customize and deploy Security Management solutions in the areas of SSO, ILM, SIEM, Audit and Compliance, Vulnerability Assessment and remediation, Privileged Account management and Strong Authentication
  • Generate custom reports from various Security Management products

Solutions and Services