Cloud & Virtualization

exaact simplifies cloud computing, and ensures that your IT spend moves from CAPEX to OPEX. exaact deals with both public and private clouds and saves all the *aas's (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Product Engineering

While exaact focusses on building it's own industry specific products on cloud, it also offers product development as a service.

IT Security Consulting Services

Product Engineering and consulting services

Design, Build, Test and Maintain Security Management solutions in Authentication, Authorisation, Audit and Access control
Create IAM Strategy and road maps
Create Strategy for Identity Unification, Directory consolidation and build solutions

Independent Validation & Verification Services

Building and managing test centers
Test automation frameworks
Defining test strategy
Compliance testing
Section 508 (accessibility)
Common Criteria

Legacy Modernization

Shared Hosting

Performance Engineering

Most of the organizations report that they are not satisfied with the performance of business critical applications
Application performance impacts corporate revenues by 9%
High resource utilizations