Warehouse ManagemenT System - Stax

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is suitable for companies that are managing the Warehouse and Inventory for a third party or managing their own itemized inventory. StaX offers a complete control of operations including Receiving, Inventory Control and Shipping. Also, it provides inventory management solutions that allow your business to accurately track inventory levels, automate processes, and gain operating efficiencies while improving customer service providing your customers full access to real-time inventory status using the seamless integration. With StaX you can convert your warehouse into a revenue generation Engine by calculating the storage costs based on volume of the shipment and time of storage.

With WMS, your warehouse management operations are fully integrated with the rest of your business. This means your departments are able to share and process information simultaneously. It also means you achieve better control over the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse, so you maximize the efficiency of your receipt and shipment of goods, and know at all times exactly where your goods are stored.

Salient features:

  • Allows you to generate various reports including EDI Status, Inventory, Bill of Lading, etc
  • Automatic Rates Calculation
  • Barcode and label generation
  • Flexible & Customizable Document Formats
  • Inventory Allocation & Adjustments
  • Invoicing, Reports and Forms could be email/fax directly
  • Location & Bin Assignment through a visual representation of warehouse
  • Locations and Transfers
  • PO Orders import
  • Receiving Log
  • Sales Order
  • Shipment Entry & Straight Bill of Lading
  • Transfer to Accounting System
  • Web Tracking